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Title: Divine Alignment

Size: 60X48X1.5 

Media: Mixed media (oil, feathers,acrylic, metallics pen, metal, paint glues)

Material: Canvas


Daughters of God. Stay focused, keep your eyes on Him at all times. Jesus is the way, and the truth and the life.   Awakening….speaking the Word of God. There’s a fire thats been placed inside you, a positioning (in humility), shifting,  an urgency within us. Stay in His presence. Put on the Full Armor of God… pick up your sword!!! Press, run with perseverance. Going into new areas, using your voice (God’s Word) to bring alignment. Lift up your head, use your voice in whatever calling God has given you.  Your voice is being used to spread the word of God, share the good news.  Shake yourself!!  Speak forth that which the Lord has spoken, be bold; paving the way for the King of Glory.  Allowing God’s purpose, His plans, His will, in your life to prevail.  Be furious in your faith, always believe, stay in prayer, use your voice to speak what God is saying, speak His word. Like Ester, arising, being used by God for such a time as this. God is bringing divine alignment; be all that you are called to be, in the name of Jesus, amen! 


Divine Alignment (original)

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